Mauricio Huerta Tapia

He has a career of more than 20 years of experience, achieving a successful path in the realization of massive, corporate and social events.


Professional expert in planning, logistics and execution of highly complex projects. It has extensive experience in display, stands, scenery, with impeccable handling of time and a complete management of staff to always leave on time and form, counting on high experience in strong projects internationally in countries like Rome, Panama, Orlando, Houston to mention a few.
Mauricio has achieved strong negotiations and strategic alliances with more than one hundred companies in the field. Working with large professional agencies specialized in the production of events in Mexico.

Nuestro equipo Seis8

With great skills and successful financial strategies and a great sense of service and customer care, Mauricio executes the financial tools to achieve great objectives, so all our projects have GREAT quality, service and professionalism. Mauricio is our HEAD MASTER in the workshop and creativity department so every project will have that stamp and that guarantee that it reflects here.