The use of drones in the entertainment industry has become popular in recent years at an international level, in events as significant as the celebration of the Winter Olympics in South Korea or the 2019 Super Bowl LIII.

Our Air Show involves drones coordinated by artificial intelligence, synchronized with audio, lighting, and pyrotechnics.

Thanks to this integration, we are able to transmit a strong message to the spectators.


Light is necessary to see, to know, therefore it is a symbol of knowledge and truth.

It is an allegory of good and wisdom.


    Pyrotechnics are energy.

    It is the metamorphosis of fire and gunpowder into light.

  • Designed for live transmissions and streamings
  • Aimed at all audiences
  • Performed as an environmentally friendly show*.
  • Designed to achieve a very high level of both face-to-face and digital exposure